Scandal Over the Sudden Dropping of the Northern Options – Virtual Abandonment of the Consultation Process

Best4Chichester has been waiting to gauge reaction to the news that both northern options and two of the southern options, were suddenly dropped by the Under Secretary of State, as reported in the Observer on 4 March. At a stroke, thousands were denied participation in a proper consultation process to improve the traffic around our city. Instead we are faced with a take it or leave it situation which will only consider improvements to the existing road.

We believe that none of the remaining options will meet the need to provide an effective component of the Strategic Road Network in the long term, and will cause permanent inconvenience to the majority of our people. In addition, there will inevitably be chaos and disruption while the works are in progress, mainly to those who live south of the A27.

The whole process has been totally inept, and someone is to blame.

In an open letter written by one of our members we try to elicit the causes of this shambles and who should take responsibility. It is addressed through our MP to obtain a full response from the SofS for Transport. Read it here→

It is still our belief that only proper separation of through and local traffic around Chichester will solve the long term problems around Chichester. None of the surviving options will do.