A27 Chichester Bypass-Public Consultation starts 14th July and ends 22nd September

Your views are important

The delayed A27 Chichester Bypass Public Consultation has finally been announced. The options presented have major consequences not only for the current 48,000 daily users of the bypass, but in particular for the similar numbers of residents across our wider area. You are urged to participate in determining the future of the bypass.

With the aim of bringing transparency, eight of the eleven parishes south of the A27 with some 30,000 residents either wrote directly to the Secretary of State, or encouraged their residents to do so, with a plea to allow everyone the opportunity to give their views on all the seven options as publicised earlier by the Chichester Observer. This was ignored without proper replies, and the two northern options have been dropped. We are thus presented with five southern options only.

Chichester District Council Leader slates options

Chichester District Council Leader Tony Dignum, who earlier was opposed to the northern options, has now already slated these options also (Chichester Post Weekly-July 8th), stating: “It’s lots of construction for no benefit”. Earlier, following the exclusion of northern options, others including our local Member of Parliament, publicly expressed the fear that unsatisfactory proposals would be forthcoming.


Best4Chichester urges everyone to visit the exhibitions and form their own view

You will have the opportunity to form your own opinion by attending your nearest A27 Exhibition and giving your views by completing a questionnaire online or by paper survey. Information will be displayed and you will be able to question Highways team members who will be on hand. All information regarding the consultation including exhibition dates and venues can be found from July 14th at www.highways.gov.uk/a27chichester. Please note that whereas earlier published venues did not include Selsey (pop. 11,000), this has now been included (5th September) following strenuous representations by local Councillors.

When we have had the opportunity to study the available information in detail, further information will be published by Best4Chichester.