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A Northern Bypass is the Only Sensible Option

So Chichester Deserves Better has decided that Option 2 is the correct solution to improve the traffic flow around Chichester. What a surprise! Push the problem as far south as you can and try to avoid any possible discussion of any Northern route. Below, in italics is their rationale for their recommendation of Option 2. […]

Costs and benefits of presented A27 improvement options

The Chichester bypass scheme has seven aims. This table compares each of the schemes using material supplied by the Highways England in its various reports Aims Option 1 south 1A south 2 south 3 south 3A south 4 north 5 north Best score 2nd best score Aim 1 Improve capacity and support the growth of […]

3. Numbers

Best4Chichester is convinced that, whichever solution results from the consideration of Chichester’s A27 traffic problems. The debate should be conducted in a dispassionate and unbiased manner. Most importantly, the chosen solution, while meeting the remit of Highways England to provide a major improvement to the Strategic Road Network in the south of England in support […]

2. Housing

Many local residents are concerned about further housing development as a consequence of A27 improvements. Two of the leaked options for improvement to the existing A27 to the south of the City involve a new southern link road connecting the Fishbourne roundabout with the roundabout at the junction of the B2145 Selsey and the B2166 […]

1. Traffic Flow

Best4Chichester is concerned at some of the more misleading information being circulated with regard to the proposed improvements to the traffic flow around our City. In the next few weeks we shall be posting a series of articles entitled ‘What’s It About?’  dealing with some of the key topics. This is the first. The traffic […]

Council Leader drops A27 consultation bombshell

Councillors and members of the public at the Chichester District Council meeting on Tuesday 26 January were told that there will only be one consultation site for the whole of the Manhood Peninsula.  That was to be at North Mundham. Chris Page of the Best 4 Chichester campaign said it was ‘a smack in the […]